5 Ways To Winterize Your Car

It’s no secret that winter driving conditions can be hazardous. Factors such as snow, ice, and sleet can result in difficult vehicle handling and compromised visibility. While you must be prepared to drive during the winter, it’s also vital that your car is ready for the challenge. Check out this video on a few ways to winterize your vehicle, and continue reading for a more in-depth look at how to ensure you and your car are ready to handle the winter roads.

1. Have Your Car Serviced

Getting your vehicle professionally serviced before it’s too late will save you a bevy of problems down the wintry road. A few critical components to pay attention to:

Battery – Battery power decreases as the temperature does, which means it takes more energy to start your car in the frigid months. A battery that’s already having problems is even more at-risk for breakdowns.

Cooling System – Ask a trusted technician about what antifreeze you should use in your vehicle and the appropriate coolant-to-water ratio to mitigate the risk of corrosion or freezing.

2. Invest in Winter Tires

When the temperature is continuously hovering around or below freezing, the rubber on your non-winter tires hardens, decreasing its ability to grip the road. Winter tires use unique compounds engineered to resist hardening in colder temperatures, increasing traction in ice, snow, and slush.

3. Maintain Your Tire Pressure

Change in ambient temperature could result in a gain or loss of the PSI in your tires. Check regularly during the winter, and refill as needed. Appropriate pressure for your vehicle’s tires can be found online or in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

4. Install Winter Wipers

Winter wipers come equipped with rubber that prevents ice from collecting on the blades. Make sure to remove them when springtime rolls around, as they increase the load on the wiper motor due to being heavier than regular wipers.

5. Keep Washer Fluid Full

A single snowstorm can exhaust a large amount of this fluid, so refill the washer reservoir frequently with windshield wiper fluid formulated for winter conditions. 

Of course, safe driving practices are crucial in preventing accidents or damage to your car during the winter months. We suggest you always be mindful of your surroundings and other drivers, pack an emergency kit for warmth/light/sustenance, and follow the rules of the road. For quality pre-owned cars in Bucks County, PA, contact Grace Auto Group today!